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Modern Wood Side Table

Family Heirlooms That You Will Pass Down Through Multiple Generations

We want to help you collect memories with our products. Our hope is to have a relationship with the families that purchase fro us. That your future grandchildren will ask our grandchildren for help with style and design issues. 

To make sure this happens, we make timeless pieces that we know will remain beautiful in 30, 40, 50, well, in some cases, even a hundred years from now.  

Nature Meets Art

We believe that you will become more creative if you surround yourself with beautiful items. We think that human beings, no matter how technical we become, will always have a necessity to be in contact with nature.

That’s why Cuero Design is a place where Nature Meets Art. 


Lars Kjerstadius came across a classical Argentinian design. The “Butterfly Chair” consisted of leather and steel and was originally thought of as a fusion between craftsmanship and industrial production. Lars’ admiration for this beautiful design and concept led him to dedicate ten years of his life to improving its comfort and style.

Mariposa, meaning butterfly in Spanish, is the result of an attempt to create a butterfly chair adapted for the modern inhabitants of the 21 st century.

Today we keep this concept in mind as we search for new exciting products. We think that human beings, no matter how technical we become, will always have a necessity to be in contact with nature. We therefore strive to create beautiful interior design with natural details. Much like the original design of the butterfly chair, our company is a platform where nature meets art.

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