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Can a gorilla sit here?

We often sit two people in the chair.

My wife loves to come and sit and cuddle in the butterfly chair when I am sitting in it. 

I weigh around 80 kg and my wife weighs …

Ok, I won’t reveal my wife’s weight publicly but I can reveal that she weighs more than 50 kilos. 

So far, it’s never broken.

We use 4 mm thick saddle leather from Italy for the chairs. 

It’s very strong!

So can it hold the weight of a gorilla?

According to Wikipedia, the average adult gorilla weighs between 100 and 270 kg. 

So in many cases, yes!

An adult gorilla can comfortably sit in the CUERO chair. 

But perhaps not the heaviest gorilla. We haven’t tried it at 270 kilos yet but that’s definitely something we need to do.

But how about the canvas version?

This one is also extremely strong.

Order Canvas Chair

We often sit in it together as well. 

Sure, it doesn’t last for a century as the leather does, but it will still give you many years of comfortable seating.

And the great thing about the canvas chair is that it’s more economical than the leather chair.

You can start with a canvas chair and then buy the leather cover for it afterwards.


Would you like to try the butterfly chair?

Then you can order the canvas chair first and upgrade to leather later.


Once you know you love it, you can get back in touch with us and add a leather or sheepskin cover. 

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