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Christmas Stories

Short tales by


The last Santa

Christmas 2023

It was the last time Santa would visit him. 

The little boy's father could see the excitement in the glittering little eyes. But as much as he enjoyed the moment, he couldn't shake the nostalgic feeling that this was the last time he would ever be dressed up as Santa Claus.

This was it - soon it's over. The little boy would figure out the truth by next year. There is no Santa. As the little boy received his first gift, Santa noticed the leather chair the child was sitting in. It was the same chair he himself had sat in, all those years ago, when he was visited by Santa for the last time.

He remembered the feeling and noticed it was the same happiness he was feeling right now. The happiness didn't disappear after all. It was only paused. And one day in the future, it would come back when Santa became a grandfather.

As the little boy unwrapped his gift, a twinkle of anticipation in his eyes, Santa couldn't help but smile, knowing that while this chapter of their lives was closing, another magical one would open in the future - a chapter filled with the joy of passing down the enchantment of Santa to a new generation. The magic of Christmas would live on, reborn in the innocence of his grandchildren's eyes, and Santa's heart would continue to be filled with the timeless happiness of the season.  

The little girl and her grandmother

Christmas 2022

The little girl loved to sit next to the Christmas tree together with her grandmother and listen to Christmas carols.

But one Christmas, her grandmother was old and ill. "This is the last Christmas we'll spend together," said the child's grandmother.

"But sit in my chair, next to the Christmas tree and listen to Christmas carols every year. I promise that you will see me again."

Next Christmas, her grandmother was gone. And although the little girl listened to Christmas carols in the same chair, she could not see her grandmother's spirit.

Until one day, she had a little grandchild of her own. They sat by the Christmas tree together and listened to Christmas carols when someone took a photo of them together.

When she saw the picture, the new grandmother started to cry.

"Why are you sad, grandmother?" asked her grandchild.

"I'm not sad, I am happy. My own grandmother has fulfilled her promise."

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