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Where Pelé and Maradona embraced

Join CUERO at the enchanting boutique hotel, Le Chateaux Joá

CUERO family in butterfly chairs in Le Chateaux Joá rio de janeiro

We travelled to Brazil

Before Magnus was born, when Leif was only a few months old, the CUERO family travelled to Rio de Janeiro.

We brought a few chairs with us and explored the city's amazing architecture. Our first stop was a boutique hotel that once was a house owned by no other than the famous soccer player Pelé.

Rio de janeiro christ redeemer statue evening

Nature Meets Art

The CUERO slogan was born in Rio de Janeiro, a city full of Art Nouveau, where rainforest-clad mountains meet the tropical Atlantic Ocean.

While strolling along Copacabana Beach, I gazed at what is often hailed as the world's most beautiful city and realized that here is where Nature Meets Art.

Le Chateaux Joá - Brazilian luxury on another level

Once a private residence in a gated community, Le Chateaux Joá has been transformed into an extraordinary luxury boutique hotel,.

While many hotels use clichés like "a home away from home," here, it's genuinely true. You actually feel like you own this beautiful home with the friendliest staff.

During our stay, the attentive staff consistently inquired about our needs, ensuring that we were well taken care of, constantly supplying us and our little one with ample water and tropical fruit. Their remarkable service made it feel as though they had been tending to us for years."

Pedra da Gávea Rio de Janeiro Brazil massive mountain

"I want to build a house on that mountain!

That's what the famous Brazilian architect Zanine Caldas supposedly said when he looked at the 842 meter tall mountain.

Pedra da Gávea, a colossal mountain that stands as a guardian over Rio de Janeiro, is more than just a geological wonder; it's a canvas upon which tales of myth and adventure are painted. Rising 842 meters (2,762 feet) above the sea, this iconic rock formation captures the essence of Brazil's vibrant spirit.

With doors from the 1700s

Emerged from the creative genius of renowned architect Zanine Caldas during the groovy 70s, this house is like a time capsule with treasures!

For example, the doors captured in the image showcase an ancient entrance crafted from long-lost timbers, which adorned historic Rio mansions back in the colonial era of the 1700s.

The living room

A harmonious blend of refined style and soothing comfort. Adorned with sophisticated décor and lavish furnishings, this space offers an enchanting panorama of the sea, creating an ideal setting to unwind and create cherished memories.

The welcoming and snug ambiance encourages guests to feel right at home, all while indulging in unique amenities and top-notch service.

The Balcony Where Pelé and Maradona Sat

Unfortunately we don't own the rights to the photo but when you visit the hotel, they will show you a picture of the two soccer legends sitting together on this very balcony.

Outdoor butterfly chair in garden in rio de janeiro

Wonderful relaxing garden

You can spend hours relaxing in the clam garden. The hotel is in a gated community on one of the hills that surrounds Rio de Janeiro, which allows you to enjoy the chirping of birds and the sound of leaves rustling in the trees, even though you are in a city with 6 million inhabitants.

two sunbrella butterfly chairs by pool with city view

Swimming with a view

The swimming pool offers an incredible panoramic view of the city. After your swim, you can unwind and savor your favorite drink while soaking in the stunning vista.

We particularly enjoyed sitting comfortably in our CUERO outdoor chairs.

Seek the shade

Too hot under the Brazilian sun? You can escape the blazing sun and enjoy lunch in this lovely shaded space.

Located on a beautiful hill in Rio de Janeiro

See this guided tour of the hotel.

Stroll around the hotel

  • Le Chateaux Joá - rio de janeiro CUERO leather butterfly chair
  • Le Chateaux Joá - rio de janeiro CUERO butterfly chair outdoor
  • Le Chateaux Joá - rio de janeiro CUERO butterfly chair outdoor

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