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Watch out for bad leather

Cheap options may seem very attractive. They can be pretty and the price is unbeatable.


But watch out.


When cheap leather has been used for a while, it will be torn in a way that destroys it forever.


You’ll need to throw away the chair pretty soon after you’ve bought it.


Good leather is on the other hand made to become more beautiful with time. The investment always pays off in the long run.


Below are two images of leather with typical wear and tear.


You see cheap leather to the left and good leather to the right.


Both have been rubbed an equal amount of times to simulate use of the product. The one to the left is destroyed forever and will only get worse and worse.

While the one to the right does admittedly get some wear and tear, it still stays strong and develops a patina that only becomes more beautiful as time goes by.


You need to be very careful when buying leather goods, as even many of the most prestigious brands try to take advantage of you by selling bad leather at very high prices.


But you can trust us.


You will always find the best leather Cuero Design.


We guarantee that the leather will only become more beautiful with time, as we carefully source it from the best tanneries in Italy.

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