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The Butterfly Chair by Cuero Design

Do you want to own a design classic?

A Butterfly Chair from Cuero Design is the obvious choice. The model’s history stretches back to the late 1800s and it has been used by Thomas Edison & Henry Ford! 

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Do you want to impress your guests even more?

Then you need to read this story.

You’ve probably seen the butterfly chair before, but few are aware of its fascinating story. The chair has participated in a World War, revolutionized the way teenagers sit and is now decorating some of the World’s most exclusive homes.

It was first developed during the late 1800s by British inventor Joseph Fenby, then as a foldable camping chair in canvas and wood. The model was popular among British officers during the First World War.

This is a historical photo of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford using the chairs during one of their famous camping trips on the American countryside.

In 1938, the design was remade by three young architects; two from Argentina and one from Spain. They met at the architecture school in Paris and made a lounge version of the chair. This time, the frame was made of solid steel and the cover was made of saddle leather. They named their chair ”BKF” after their own initials but the model became more famous as the ”Butterfly Chair”.

The Butterfly Chair and Rock’n’Roll was an absolute must in every teenage room all around the world during the 50s and beyond. It made many parents mad because it was impossible to sit straight in the chair.

The armchair has been a classic ever since and is now considered one of the most iconic designs of the 20th century.

But it still had an issue; it was pretty uncomfortable to sit in.

In the early 2000s, a Swedish entrepreneur discovered the classical model. Lars Kjerstadius also found the chair uncomfortable, and he decided to do something about it.

Once again, the butterfly chair was going to be improved.

Lars made a larger chair that was both taller and wider than the old version. This makes the chair much more comfortable.

”People are taller now than they were during the early 20th century” says Nils Kjerstadius, Lars’ son and present CEO of Cuero Design. ”I believe the old version is too small to sit in, making it uncomfortable today”.

The new, comfortable version became a success and got the name Mariposa, meaning ”butterfly” in Spanish.

Lars Kjersatdius collaborated with some of the World’s most prominent tanneries to get the finest leather for his armchairs.

Today, Mariposa by Cuero Design stands in some of the most exclusive homes and hotels.

If you want to own a Mariposa by Cuero Design, you can browse the Cuero Design online shop. There, you will find all the materials and colors that Cuero offers.

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