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How to transform your room

Three contrasts with big effect

Smart decoration tips from CUERO

leather butterfly chair, butterfly chair

1. Color contrast

Do you want to transform with colors?

The leather lamp from CUERO creates a contrast against the darker walls.

The contradiction between black and white, dark and light colors. If you have a mainly light-colored space, add a few details in a darker color to catch the eye and outline an element in the room. You can also use a brighter color for accents, that will create a contrast compared to an all white room for example, or as a little pop on a darker wall.

Adding an accent could be tricky though. In order for it to actually be an accent, you need to be careful with not overdoing it or you may make your space rather cluttered and busy. This could be hard on the eye and overwhelming. In order to keep things balanced, try using the 60-30-10 rule in design. Choose a main color that will take around 60% of the space. Add a secondary color – about 30% and decide on an accent color that will only be 10% of the room.

For example, if you are looking for a more natural and minimalistic design, you can go for 60% white (walls, some bigger furniture), 30% natural wood (floors, a few smaller furniture pieces) and 10% black as contrast (hardware, door handles, some details on the furniture or art pieces).

2. Texture contrast

To change the feeling

Icelandic Sheepskin Black

The fluffy Icelandic sheepskin create a contrast against the smooth leather.

There are a lot of different types of textures you may have in your space. Starting with wall designs that could be more industrial and rough like bricks, lightly textured or decorated tiles, or perfectly smooth wall paint for a more clean, minimalistic feeling. You can outline visual interest by using contrasting techniques for your walls, or choose one and add an accent with alternative textures for your furniture and textiles. Think about combining smooth ones like steel, glass, leather, silk with more textured pieces and materials like raw wood, fur and linen.

Be careful not to overdo it here as well – choose a base and add a few contrasting details. For example, if you have a leather couch, you don’t need to add all kinds of other textures on it, instead choose between linen or fur pillows, depending on your style. That way you will accentuate on the characteristics of the smooth leather surface with the cozyness of the natural texture.

3. Maskuline vs. feminine details

The Butterfly chair from CUERO creates a good shape contrast agains the straight and hard lines in the room.

In interior design the different shapes are divided into masculine ones – straight, horizontal and vertical lines, sharp and definite edges, and feminine – curves and more rounded forms. You can use both types for a more balanced feeling or you can choose one that will dominate in your space and add the other one in some details as an accent.

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How to transform your room

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