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Luxury butterfly chairs

leather butterfly chair

7 reasons to own a CUERO butterfly chair

1. It's a design classic

The butterfly chair is one of the most iconic designs of the 21st century. 

The design has withstood the test of time and you can easily fit it into any interior style thanks to the many combinations offered by CUERO.

It’s a must in any design home.

2. The CUERO chair is extra comfortable

Larger size and a special cocooning shape that has taken decades to develop.

You will be able to sit in your chair for hours.

3. High resale value

CUERO chairs are appreciated for their superior quality around the world.

Second hand chairs are often sold for more than half the price of a new one so you can always get a large portion of your money back if you ever need to sell it.

Not that we think you will want to though.

4. You can change covers

If you ever want to change your style, you can buy a separate cover for your chair. 

You can choose any color or material you want as long as your frame is from CUERO.

5. CUERO chairs are Stunning

The special Italian leather has been specially selected for its beauty. Only the most beautiful hides are chosen. 

Apart from that, CUERO has rounded the edges of the chair to give it a more proportional and balanced shape.

It will become a conversation starter, no matter where you choose to place it in your home.

6. Extremely long durability

CUERO chairs are made with special Italian leather and Swedish steel. 

The leather is vegetable tanned, meaning it has been prepared with plants instead of dangerous chemicals. 

This traditional method of preparing leather gives it a durability of several generations. You can expect your grandchildren to inherit the chairs from you in the distant future.

7. Sustainable production

All skins are a byproduct from meat production. No animals have been killed for the sake of their skins.

Everything is prepared and treated with environmentally friendly methods. 

The long durability of the chair also reduces unnecessary consumerism in the long run.

Icelandic Sheepskin

Grey Lambskin Butterfly Chair

Is this the original butterfly chair?

Learn the story here.

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