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“When I eat a pasta, I want to know where the wheat was grown. I want to know where the eggs were laid. I wanna know from which well the water was drawn. If I don’t know this, I cannot trust the food.” These are the words of our Italian leather supplier. He has the same philosophy when it comes to leather.

Learn why Italian leather is still the best here.

Our slow vegetable tanning method used to prepare this characteristic thick leather, further crafted by skilled saddle makers and then applied to our Pampa Mariposa-chairs, fulfill the perfection.

The creaking sound that our full grain leather makes when taking a seat in one of our chairs reminds of sailing a wooden boat at night.


Exclusive lambskin from the rugged landscapes and pure air of Iceland. Admired for their fantastic wool, and beautiful colours, the skins are tanned ecologically keeping the colours completely natural.

A warm and soft feeling of safety will rush through the body of anybody that touches our Icelandic lambskins.


The word “canvas” is derived from the Arabic word for cannabis, a Latin word meaning “hemp”. In earlier times, hemp was popularly used to make canvas. Our search had led us to beautiful Transylvania where the high quality hempseats are being produced.

Our fine, strong canvas made from Transylvanian hemp will impress anyone that is looking for truly ecological alternatives to cotton.

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