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Straight from Peru, ultra-comfortable and attractive blankets made from extra soft 100% baby Alpaca wool. It’s like a natural luxurious dream come true!

Baby Alpaca Wool is something remarkably special when crafted into a blanket. It’s extremely soft and warm making it one of the best natural fibers for your skin. Because of its unique structure, it’s exceedingly gentle for your baby and child, and yet it’s better for you than even Merino sheep’s wool in several ways.



“A remarkable blend of nature meeting art. Customers couldn’t be happier”

100% baby alpaca blanket

Baby Alpaca is up to seven times warmer than the common sheep’s wool because the single fiber works as a thermal insulation. This wool is cozy but also breathable for warmer weather thanks to the air pockets that are only found in alpaca fibers. In addition, it is far more elastic, softer and longer lasting than other materials. Baby Alpaca is naturally free of lanolin and other oils found in sheep’s wool, so it’s not itchy and it is far less likely to pill. It is a natural fiber that looks and feels luxurious.

What they’ve known in Peru traditionally, more people from the rest of the world are learning – baby Alpaca wool is a wonderful fiber and perfect for blanket making. Warm and comfortable, perfect for a good night’s sleep or to use as a cover for relaxing for young and old alike. Made in a natural, ethically-sourced way that doesn’t harm the adorable little Alpacas, an animal known for their cute appearances, friendly nature, and sly, witty intelligence.

Color – Camel
Size – 180 cm x 130 cm

100% baby alpaca blanket


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