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The butterfly chair has been synonymous with refined taste and style since it first saw the light of day in 1938. If you can only choose one piece of classical furniture for your home, this is the one you must have.


Nothing compares to the feeling of unboxing your Pampa Mariposa butterfly chair for the very first time. You quickly realize that there is nothing more to ask for, as your needs and wishes have been anticipated and handcrafted into reality.


The first thing that you will notice is the sweet aroma of the luxury Cuero leather. As you look closely, you are impressed by the thickness of the skin. When you take a step back, you notice how beautiful this particular version of the butterfly chair looks in your room. The delicately rounded edges and perfect proportions of the model. Your friends and family will definitely be impressed by your sophisticated style.


You take a seat in the chair and feel as if you have discovered what the word “rest” really means. “How can a design chair be so comfortable? Please let me sit here forever.”


Your spouse feels an urge to show you how beautiful the chair makes you look and decides to take a photo of you. You see an angel with divine wings. “Is this really me?”.


When your spouse tries the chair, you see a halo that revives the feeling of butterflies in your stomach you had when you fell in love.


The only thing you repent is that you did not buy this chair earlier.

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Imagine this classic in your home. You have seen it everywhere. Fashion magazines love it. Hotels want it. Museums admire it.  This is the Leather Butterfly Chair you have been looking for.
The Oliver Twist Of Your Design Collection
You are the owner of a book shop. A customer comes in and asks you for Oliver Twist. You suddenly realize that you have forgotten to include it in your collection. How can a book shop not offer a classical masterpiece?

Forgetting a Leather Butterfly Chair in your design collection is the same.

One Of The Most Expensive Butterfly Chairs In The World – And Rightly So

You have probably noticed that this chair is more expensive than the other chairs in the market. You may have seen that there are “butterfly chairs” that you can buy for as little as €200 and sometimes even less. But be careful before you try to save money on these products.

There is a huge risk that you will be fooled and very unhappy with what you get. Just read this story that we got from one of our customers in France.


I was wanting a bkf chair three years ago and after having search different websites I found a photo of your product which was, to my opinion, the best in term of design (worldwidly speaking).

But, unfortunately,  the photo of your product (at that time i didn’t know it was yours) was illegaly used by a scammer who used it to sell its bad quality product.

So, i ordered it there….and then i received a very bad quality product and found that i had been scamed and, of course, no possibility to contact the seller anymore .

So when i received this poor product, i continued my research and found, at last, that this product i wanted so much was yours…

So, ashamed, I dealt with my poor BKF chair for two years (I call it the chair of the shame…really…) dreaming of yours for Three years.And at last, i will have the real deal.

– Jean-François, France


Don’t make the same mistake as Jean-François and lose three years living with a sad lounge room. Get it right from the beginning instead! Read on and you will find out what makes this chair different from everything else, and why it costs more.

Our Customers Say It’s The Best Butterfly Chair In The World

Our clients are willing to pay a little extra to get the very best comfort and quality. They don’t care if they can save money on a chair that might break or be uncomfortable to sit in. So, naturally, they buy what they think is the best.

The reason we know this is because we have very good relationships with our clients.

We always ask our customers why they choose to buy our chair and not one of the countless other cheap versions in the market. The answer is always the same:

They have been looking for a butterfly chair for a long time, performing both extensive online research and visiting shops to compare physical chairs with each other.

After their careful research, our customers have come to the conclusion that this is the best butterfly chair in the world.

Crafted To Perfection 

The very best Italian leather is combined with Swedish steel to create state of the art interior decoration.

The Butterfly Chair is made deep in the Swedish forests with a clear focus on quality and sustainability. Modern machines are used to cut and bend our steel while a human touch is required to carefully select the best leather. The environment will thank you for using this butterfly chair, as it is made of vegetable tanned leather and shipped in a flat package. It’s clear that Cuero Design is a place where nature meets art.

4 mm thick leather guarantees that the chair will maintain its shape forever.

In the beginning, we used to make our chairs with 3 mm leather, only to find that the leather started to stretch after some use, making the whole chair ugly and uncomfortable to sit in.

We were not proud of our chair at that point and we wanted something that you can pass on for generations.

In our search for a tougher chair, we came to the conclusion that we needed to go up one millimeter in leather thickness. This was a very tough decision for us to take because we knew it would increase the final price of the chair a lot.

The reason for this is that the cost of producing leather is by weight. The heavier the leather, the more tannins you need to make it. And one millimeter may not sound much but between 3 mm and 4 mm, there is a 33% increase in production cost!

Standing there on our crossroad, we decided to take the path of amazing quality instead of letting you think that you were saving money by buying a chair that will turn out to be no good after just a few years.

That’s the only reason why this chair is more expensive than other butterfly chairs. Unlike many other famous design companies, we do not charge extra for our brand name. We only charge for the great quality materials that we use.


7 Desirable Features 

  • 100% Full Grain Leather
  • Vegetable Tanned Italian Leather 4 mm thick
  • 12 mm Solid Swedish Steel
  • Outstanding Comfort
  • Protectors For Your Floor
  • Height: 92 cm Width: 87 cm Depth: 86 cm
  • Weight: 12 kg

4 Reasons Why Size Does Mattertwo different leather butterfly chairs

When it comes to butterfly chairs, size does matter. This leather butterfly chair is more than 30% percent larger than the average butterfly chair you will find. This implies

  • Superior Comfort
  • More Leather – Also increasing production cost
  • More Steel
  • Better Stability

Top 0.1% Leather In The World

Only the very best of the best is good enough for you. We take this policy very seriously.

So we only buy the finest 0.1% of all the leather in the world. This means that 99.9% of all the leather is discarded in our selection process.

What do we mean by this?

Well, first of all, we only use vegetable tanned leather which is only 5% of all the leather in the world.

Of this, we can only use the thickest part of a cow hide to find 4 mm leather. This part is found in the back of the animal and is the most expensive part. It stands for less than 20% of the skin, meaning we are now down at 1% of all the leather in the world.

Furthermore we look for the most beautiful skins. Out of 500 skins presented to us, we only buy 100 of them, taking us down to 0.2%.

Finally, since our chair is larger than other butterfly chairs, it consists of much larger pieces. These pieces need to be free from scars and insect bites so that you have a chair that is as beautiful as possible. To get these large pieces, we need to use half of the leather to make other smaller items such as stools, cardholders etc. When we arrive to the pieces of leather that work for our chair, we have selected away 99.% of all the leather in the world!

When you see, smell and touch this leather, you will feel like you are in a beautiful vineyard, surrounded by mountains and grapes.

This leather is a by-product from meat production.

If you want to know more about our selection process, please contact us and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

Who Else Loves This Leather Butterfly Chair?

Here is a list of examples of people who have bought this leather butterfly chair:

  • Celebrities – Famous football players, Formula 1 drivers and musicians enjoy our chairs in their homes. We cannot mention their names out of respect for their privacy.
  • Architects 
  • Interior Designers
  • Bloggers
  • Gamers – If you enjoy playing console games, this is the ultimate console game chair. The comfortable lounging position it puts you in makes it possible for you to spend hours winning that game without feeling uncomfortable. And since it’s so beautiful, you won’t hear any complaints from any non-gaming family members.

Countless Uses

The leather butterfly chair has been used to decorate the following examples:

  • Homes – Not only will you impress anyone who visits you, you will also become more productive and enjoy spending more time at home rather than spending money to escape your home.
  • Offices – Beautiful design will subconsciously impress your customers and your colleagues, helping you further your career and ultimately making more money.
  • Hotels – Guests love to take pictures of themselves sitting in this chair and posting them on social media. Many luxury hotels have had great free marketing just by having these chairs in the lobby or, even better, two in each room. It also increases guest satisfaction making your guests want to come back to your hotel time after time.
  • Art Galleries & Events – Some of the biggest car brands use our chairs to decorate their big customer events. It makes your party the most desirable place to be that evening.
  • Advertisement Campaigns – The chair works very well together with any product you want to sell. Use our chair together with your products and your marketing campaign will be a success!
  • Blogs & Magazines – You may have seen our chairs at the cover of prestigious magazines.

Lifetime Warranty on the Leather

We want your butterfly chair to last for a very long time. As the matter of fact, the leather butterfly chair has been made with special care for extra durability.

There are a few saddles that were made in the late 19th century that are still being used today. These saddles were made with the same type of leather and crafting techniques we use to make this BKF chair today.

If you treat it right, you should be able to pass it on to several generations after you. While we cannot speak for how you will take care of your chair, we can promise you this; We promise you that the leather will last for a lifetime if you treat it correctly and that the stitching will last for at least five years.

Whether you buy it from one of our retailers or directly here on our website, we will stay true to this promise. It holds up in addition to any warranty our retailers may offer. Contrary to what you may have experienced many times before, you will never feel abandoned by us. We are a small and niched company so we have to give you the very best service possible since we simply cannot afford to risk a bad reputation.

Try It For Yourself

In order to truly appreciate high quality, one must see it in real life. You are welcome to visit one of our retailers to try a leather butterfly chair for yourself. See the perfect imperfections of Italian leather. Feel the thickness of it. Smell the natural aroma from the vegetable tanning process. Experience the true meaning of the word Luxury.

Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

Questions? Find your answer here.

Are you looking for a butterfly chair cushion to rest your head? Click here.

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Additional information

Weight 12 kg

Black, Chocolate, Crude Nature, Montana, Oak, Polo

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    jean-francois Campoli

    I received my pampa Mariposa chair in crude nature finish and i have only one word to describe it…. WHOAH !!!! It is as beautiful as the pictures of the website, the quality and the thickness of the leather is impressive and it is sooooo cumfortable. Regarding its quality, it is, by far, the best quality for money deal of all the market ! Thank you so much for being one of the few companies (and there are less and less) which propose a really high range product at an affordable level of price. You are the proof that some companies still believe that their goal is to create good products, made for lasting….and not only good marketing campaigns (as so many others do ! )

    • Nils Kjerstadius

      Thank you so much Jean-Francois,

      It is a pleasure to have you as a customer!

      Kind regards,

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