Leather Coasters – With metal container


You will enjoy using these leather coasters because, unlike many others, they are very light and convenient to move around.


The beautiful metal container allows you to leave the coasters on the table as decoration, making sure to impress your guests.


Your guests are impressed. The moon, the candles and smooth jazz from the speakers. But the most splendid detail reveals that you have planned the evening down to perfection. Their jaws drop as they see the leather coasters.

These leather coasters will decorate your table at the same time as they are extremely handy. 

When you buy a set of Cuero Design leather coasters you will receive the following:

  • 100% Full-Grain Leather
  • Premium Italian Leather tanned with vegetable acids instead of poisonous chemicals
  • A Hand Made Leather Storing Box

These Leather Coasters Develop A Patina

Because of the characteristics of vegetable tanned leather, these leather coasters will darken as they age. If a photograph captures a moment, a patina eternalizes a life.


Additional information

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