Premium Leather Card Holder – Unisex


This cardholder makes all others look cheap. And rightly so; it’s made with the best quality leather on the market, by far!

Believe me, it doesn’t get better than this. Scroll down to the long description to learn why!



Every time you reach for your credit card, club membership certificate or priority pass at the airport lounge, you will be spoiled by the feel of touching this high class, Italian leather.

Of all the cow leather available in the Italian market, we buy the most expensive.

The special thing about full grain, vegetable tanned Tuscany leather is that it is as close to real living skin as you can get.

Some theories suggest that touching this leather activates the same pleasure centra of your brain as touching another person. Perhaps not to the same extent of course, but repeated small dosages of dopamin throughout the day will certainly make you happier overall.

Right now we are giving a limited quantity of cardholders away for free

This is a completely new product for us and we want to hear your opinion about it. For this reason, we are giving away a limited quantity of cardholders completely free of charge.

The only thing we ask of you is that you promise to send us your feedback on the cardholder and that you cover the worldwide shipping costs and taxens of €5.99.

This offer is limited to one cardholder per order.


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