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It’s a cold winter afternoon. Winds are hauling outside your window. You sit comfortably in your Sheepskin Butterfly Chair, holding a warm cup of chocolate. Gentle sparks are heard from your fireplace as you watch yourIcelandic Lamb favourite show on TV. Remember what it feels like when you wear a woolen jumper? This cozy chair is far better.


A Modern Take On The Classical Masterpiece

The Icelandic Butterfly Chair is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Sit down, get warm and relax. Read a book, watch a movie, play video games, take a nap. This chair is the very definition of the word cozy.

9 Fantastic Features

  • Genuine Natural Sheepskin
  • Vegetable Tanned
  • Resiliant Icelandic Sheepskin
  • Ecological
  • 12 mm Solid Swedish Steel
  • Superior Comfort
  • Floor Protectors
  • Height: 92 cm Width: 87 cm Depth: 86 cm
  • Weight: 12 kg

Shorn brown – Black frame

Roaming free since 874

Sheep farming in Iceland is as old as the settlement of Iceland itself. To this day farmers are rearing their sheep by a method established by centuries of tradition, with most farms still family-owned and operated. The breed is still the same as in the time of the Vikings – sturdy small animals, well adapted to the environment.

Much of Iceland’s lamb production is simply based on sustainably harvesting the bounties of nature. The use of hormones is prohibited and antibiotics are strictly regulated.P

The Ideal Conditions

The Icelandic weather, unpolluted air and abundant supply of clean mountain water make the use of pesticides and herbicides unnecessary. The cool climate protects the land against many diseases and pests which plague agriculture in warmer latitudes. Due to Iceland’s geographical isolation and agri-cultural regulation, which prohibits the importing of live animals, many common animal diseases are yet unknown in Iceland.

A warm and soft feeling of safety will rush through the body of anybody that touches our ecological Icelandic sheepskin.

Wild White – Chrome Frame

This Is A Large Sheepskin Butterfly Chair

You will find that this sheepskin butterfly chair is larger than a normal butterfly chair. Combined with the soft characteristics of Icelandic Sheepskin, prepare yourself for a bomb of outstanding comfort.

Try It

You are welcome to visit one of our retailers and try the chair for yourself. You will find that it is so comfortable that you will never want to get out.

How To Take Care Of Natural Sheepskin

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 97 × 70 × 9 cm


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