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We are a small family business that manufactures furniture which we would like to have in our own homes.

Everything is designed to be beautiful, comfortable and long lasting.

We hope that what you buy from us will be passed on through generations and that one day, your grandchildren will talk to our grandchildren whenever they need furniture.

Pampa Mariposa

The comfortable butterfly chair

You’ve probably heard about the butterfly chair, but you have never tried one that’s as comfortable as this one.

CUERO has redesigned the classical model to make it larger and with a special cocooning shape that results in supreme comfort.

It’s very comfortable to sit in and even more beautiful to look at.


A chair unlike any other

A unique chair that can be used for dining spaces or waiting areas. It was designed by Nils’ father, Lars. Here you will sit comfortably and have many long lunches and dinners with friends and family.

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