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Selection: Polo, Black, Black

Leather Cone Lamp

Size: 25cm

Color: Polo

Metal: Black

Cable: Black

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brown leather cone lamps kitchen counter dim lights

Leather Cone Lamp


Italian leather

Find your dream combination

With more than 200 size and color combinations, you are guaranteed to find something that fits perfectly in your room.

Choose color25cm, Polo, Black, Black

Leather Cone Lamp
leather cone lamp island counter tea set

Create a perfect cosy ambience with this beautiful leather pendant. The thick Italian leather blocks all light, creating a relaxing downward lighting experience.

Perfect over a dining table or in a living room.

This beautiful leather lamp will become more beautiful as it ages and develops a patina.

set of contrast leather cone lamps tea set

These lamps will remain beautiful a hundred years from now

Many leather items dry out and break apart after a few years. This happens because of the way the leather has been prepared in the tannery. The leather we buy is vegetable tanned which means that plant materials instead of poisonous chemicals have been used to keep the natural skins from rotting.

The characteristics of these plant materials make the leather last much longer, only becoming more beautiful as it ages.

Thanks to the timeless design, they will also look beautiful in any home, no matter which design styles come and go.

These lamps are an investment for life. 

set of leather cone lamps contrast leather bench cognac

For those of you who want something truly unique

Due to the natural characteristics of the vegetable tanned leather we buy from Italy, each lamp has beautiful and unique natural variations. No two lamps are identical.

The special leather makes these lamps mesmerisingly complex, even though the design is clean and simple. 

Prepare to find yourself staring at your lamps, amazed at how beautiful they are.

black and white leather cone lamp stairs shadow game

Endless Possibilities

8 different cones:

  • Polo

  • Black

  • Crude Nature

  • Chocolate

  • Grass Green

  • Ocean Blue

  • Montana

  • Oak

4 different hats:

  • Black

  • Chrome

  • Brass

  • Bronze

2 different cords:

  • Black

  • White

Technical information

  • Length of electric wire – 2 meters

  • Operating voltage – 230V

  • IP class – IP20

  • Max. power, watts – 60 watts

  • Certificates – CE & UL

  • Ready for hanging to hook in ceiling

  • Sugar cube connector

  • Diameter: 25cm

    Diameter: 25cm

    Height: 17cm

  • Diameter: 35cm

    Diameter: 35cm

    Heigh: 25cm

  • Diameter: 45cm

    Diameter: 45cm

    Height: 30cm

Handmade in Sweden

Please note if you are outside of the European Union or USA

Cords and sockets are not included for orders outside of EU & USA due to regulations. It's easy to find matching electronics if you consult with a local electricity shop or an electrician. You still need to choose a cord color but we will not be sending any cord to you. 

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