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Selection: Natural White, 9 sheepskins

Huge Sheepskin Rug

Color: Natural White

Style: 9 sheepskins

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Unmatched Warmth

With high wool density, Icelandic sheepskins provide superior warmth, making them ideal as a luxurious rug.

Size guide (rough sizes)

Each rug is unique since the natural sizes of the sheepskins are used. So exact sizes cannot be provided but here is a rough guide.

Need a custom size? Contact us by email and we'll give you a quote for the size you need.

  • 5 sheepskins

    5 sheepskins

    1.5x1.5 m (4.9x4.9 ft)

  • 9 sheepskins

    9 sheepskins

    3 x 1.5 m (9.8 x 4.9 ft)

  • 19 sheepskins

    19 sheepskins

    3 x 3 m (9.8 x 9.8 ft)

Huge Sheepskin Rug

Multiple sheepskins sewn together
Icelandic Sheepskin

By-product from meat production

Let your feet sink into the soft wool of Icelandic sheepskin.

We painstakingly select only the finest Icelandic sheepskins to craft this masterpiece.

love planet

Because you care about the planet

If you buy this sheepskin, it’s because you are a kind and thoughtful human being.

These are a by-product of meat production on Iceland. The hide has been ecologically tanned to make sure that no water or soil has been contaminated. The colour is natural as no colouring agents have been added to the product.

Genuine Natural Sheepskin

Our sheepskins are a by-product of meat production in Iceland, ensuring sustainability and minimizing waste. They undergo ecologically friendly tanning processes without the use of harmful chrome chemicals. The result is thick, long wool that defines the resiliency of Icelandic sheepskin.

sheep roaming free lakeside mountain range iceland

From free roaming sheep

Sheep on Iceland are direct descendants of the sheep that were brought when Vikings settled the island over a thousand years ago. They are one of the oldest, purest and most beautiful breeds in the world.

It’s strictly illegal to import sheep to the country which keeps the breed genetically identical to its early ancestors.

Sheep on Iceland roam free on the island.

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