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Selection: Shorn White

Sheepskin Pillow

Color: Shorn White

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woman on couch with fur pillow

Sheepskin Pillow

Icelandic Sheepskin

Choose styleShorn White

Sheepskin Pillow
grey fur pillows on couch

You’ve probably seen sheepskin pillows before, but not like these. The Icelandic wool is very soft and cozy. The first time we tried these pillows on our sofa at home, we really thought for a second that I was floating among clouds. The pillows are perfect for a sofa or for the CUERO butterfly chair.

white and grey fur pillows on couch

You are looking at one of the finest sheepskins in the world

Few people have had the privilege of experiencing the soft and warm feel of a real Icelandic lambskin. The fact that you were drawn to this product means that you have an excellent eye for superior quality.

A unique Icelandic Sheepskin

We carefully select only the very best Icelandic sheepskin. Compare it to the chairs in the images and you will note how much larger it is than any other sheepskin you have seen before.

  • Genuine Natural Sheepskin

    Genuine Natural Sheepskin

  • Eco Tanned Icelandic Sheepskin

    Eco Tanned Icelandic Sheepskin

  • High Wool Density

    High Wool Density

  • Superior Warmth

    Superior Warmth

free sheep lake and mountains iceland

A pure breed of the ancient Icelandic Sheep

Sheep on Iceland are direct descendants of the sheep that were brought when Vikings settled the island over a thousand years ago. They are one of the oldest, purest and most beautiful breeds in the world. It’s strictly illegal to import sheep to the country to keep the breed genetically identical to its early ancestors.

To survive the cold Icelandic winters, the animals have developed a very special wool that will keep you warm, even during the coldest nights.

love planet

Because you care about the planet

If you buy this sheepskin, it’s because you are a kind and thoughtful human being.

This sheepskin is a by-product of meat production on Iceland. The hide has been ecologically tanned to make sure that no water or soil has been contaminated. The colour is natural as no colouring agents have been added to the product.

canvas back fur pillows

A unique pillow for a unique interior

The Icelandic Sheepskin pillow will dazzle all your guests with its softness and originality. Whether it be paired with a leather armchair or a fabric couch, these pillows will provide extra comfort and bring together your whole interior.

  • 35cm x 35cm

    35cm x 35cm

    (40cm x 40cm with fur length)

  • Canvas on the back

    Canvas on the back

  • Resiliant


  • Soft and luxurious

    Soft and luxurious

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