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Selection: Birchwood

Jupiter - Birchwood Sidetable

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What more do you need?

This birchwood side table is all you need and more. Its compact and lightweight design will allow you to move it around whenever you need to and embellish your interior anywhere you place it.

  • Height: 40cm

    Height: 40cm

  • Width: 44cm

    Width: 44cm

  • Depth: 40cm

    Depth: 40cm

  • Weight: 7kg

    Weight: 7kg

Birchwood Side Table


massive scandinavian birchwood
woode side table with blanket and small jars

Elegance at its finest

Our Jupiter side table is the epitome of elegance. Its artistic metallic angles are specifically designed to combine beautifully with the curves of the wooden elements.

wooden sidetable

A minimalistic design

The simple yet beautiful design of our Jupiter table is all you could look for in a convenient side table. Its large tabletop allows you to place everything you need to spend some quality time in your butterfly chair while reading a book and sipping hot cocoa. The table will complement all the surrounding furniture without taking the spotlight away from any of your design pieces.

Only the best materials

We pride ourselves on using only the finest materials to craft our products. We want the quality of our products to be as high as possible to ensure you make the most of your Jupier table for many years to come.

  • Massice Scandinavian Birchwood

    Massice Scandinavian Birchwood

  • 12mm Solid Swedish Steel

    12mm Solid Swedish Steel

Compatible with any interior design

Its minimalistic and elegant design will allow your brand-new Jupiter table to match perfectly your interior, not matter the style!

leather coasters on wooden table with drink and bowl of chips

Protect your table

Because we don't want your table to be damaged, here's a little tip for you. W have our very special leather coasters that are just ding to be set upon your beautiful new birchwood table!

get your leather coasters

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