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Selection: 9100800Leather Balm 200ml

Leather Balm 200 ml - Shield

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Protect your leather

Hand made leather balm that is specially designed for CUERO products.

It's essential to choose the right leather care product

Different types of leather require specific treatment.

CUERO Shield stands out with its perfect blend of ingredients, specifically optimized for CUERO leather.

Formulated with pine resin and premium oils, it provides ultimate protection for your leather treasures.

Make your leather even more beautiful

Through consistent and appropriate application, CUERO Shield imparts lasting durability to your leather possessions, enabling them to mature gracefully and maintain their magnificence.

  • Water protection

    Water protection

    Important! Doesn't make the leather waterproof but gives you time to wipe the water off!

  • Handmade in Belgium

    Handmade in Belgium

    By skilled artisans who have been making leather care products for generations.

  • Exceptional Depth of Nourishment

    Exceptional Depth of Nourishment

    This extraordinary leather conditioner deeply permeates the material, providing an unrivaled degree of sustenance that guards against dryness, fissures, and fragility.


Smear generously and then dry off the excess.

Leave surface drying for 12 hours before use.

Store it in a cool place and keep away from heat sources.

Keep out of reach of children.

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