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Girl sitting in large leather butterfly chair

Leather Butterfly Chair

The most iconic chair in the world

Extra large - More comfortable - Luxury leather

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Beautiful Leather

Leather Butterfly Chair

Imagine this classic in your home.

You have seen it everywhere. Fashion magazines love it. Hotels want it. Museums admire it.  This is the Leather Butterfly Chair you have been looking for.

Two leather butterfly chairs - Italian leather, Swedish steel

If you can only choose one piece of classical furniture for your home, this is the one you must have.

  • Luxury leather butterfly chair
  • Two leather butterfly chairs in Brazil - chateau joa - rio de janeiro
  • BKF chair in Stockholm Archipelago Sweden modern house with girl looking out the window
  • Two luxury butterfly chairs in leather in Rio de Janeiro 5 star boutique hotel

Worldwide Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

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The Oliver Twist Of Your Design Collection

You are the owner of a book shop. A customer comes in and asks you for Oliver Twist. You suddenly realize that you have forgotten to include it in your collection. How can a book shop not offer a classical masterpiece?

Forgetting a Leather Butterfly Chair in your design collection is the same.

We Perfected The Butterfly Chair

My father always had a problem with the Butterfly Chair.

It was uncomfortable to sit in, and he thought that the edges were too pointy. They broke the harmony of a perfectly decorated room. So, he embarked on a design Odyssey that took more than 15 years. The result was this beautiful lounge chair that you see here.

green leather butterfly chair in modern home setting with side table

This version is considered by many to be the most beautiful butterfly chair in the world. And it is also one of the most comfortable design chairs.

Today, my wife and I are still producing the same chairs that my father perfected. We make them in Sweden with the best leather there is on the market. Our hope is that you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy it for several generations.

Couple sitting in butterfly chair

Our Customers Say It’s The Best Butterfly Chair In The World

Our clients are willing to pay a little extra to get the very best comfort and quality.

They don’t care if they can save money on a chair that might break or be uncomfortable to sit in. Therefore, they buy what they think is the best.

The reason we know this is because we have very good relationships with our clients.

We always ask our customers why they choose to buy our chair and not one of the countless other cheap versions in the market. The answer is always the same:

They have been looking for a butterfly chair for a long time, performing both extensive online research and visiting shops to compare physical chairs with each other.

After their careful research, our customers have come to the conclusion that this is the best butterfly chair in the world.



“I received my pampa Mariposa chair in crude nature finish and I have only one word to describe it…. WHOAH !!!! It is as beautiful as the pictures of the website, the quality and the thickness of the leather is impressive and it is sooooo comfortable. Regarding its quality, it is, by far, the best quality for money deal of all the market ! Thank you so much for being one of the few companies (and there are less and less) which propose a really high range product at an affordable level of price. You are the proof that some companies still believe that their goal is to create good products, made for lasting….and not only good marketing campaigns (as so many others do !)”

Jean-Francois Campoli – France

The finest Italian leather

We source leather from the finest tanneries in Tuscany.

Combined with Swedish steel

Made in Sweden

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Crafted to perfection

The very best Italian leather is combined with Swedish steel to create state of the art interior decoration.

The Butterfly Chair is made deep in the Swedish forests with a clear focus on quality and sustainability. Modern machines are used to cut and bend our steel with robotic precision while a human touch is required to carefully select the best leather. The environment will thank you for using this butterfly chair, as it is made of vegetable tanned leather and shipped in a flat package. It’s clear that Cuero Design is a place where nature meets art.

4 mm thick leather guarantees that your chair will maintain its shape forever.

Four mm thick italian leather

In the beginning, my father used to make the chairs with 3 mm leather. It was standard practice and why shouldn’t he do the same?

Seemed like a solid plan at the time ...

But then disaster struck!

After a mere few months of use, the chairs started to stretch and sag like a deflated balloon. Not exactly the look my dad was going for.

He refused to let his customers suffer through saggy seating, so he set out on a quest to create a tougher, more durable chair. And after some serious leather research, he discovered the secret to long-lasting luxury: one millimeter thicker leather.

But don't be fooled, my friends. This was no easy decision. Thicker leather means more tannins, which means a higher cost of production. But standing at the crossroads of quality and affordability, he chose quality every time.

So now you know why our butterfly chairs are a tad pricier than the rest. We're not just charging you for our good looks and snazzy name. We're charging you for the top-notch, high-quality materials that go into making each and every chair. A chair that you'll pass down to your grandkids, with no sagging in sight!

Made in Sweden

  • Vegetable tanned leather - Lasts longer

    Vegetable tanned leather - Lasts longer

    Plant materials have been used as tanning agents instead of poisonous heavy metals.

  • 100% Full Grain Leather

    100% Full Grain Leather

    Natural, unaltered, and retains the grain, texture, and markings of the original hide.

  • Outstanding comfort

    Outstanding comfort

    Special round shape with 15 years of tweaking

  • 12 mm Solid Swedish Steel

    12 mm Solid Swedish Steel

    Very strong and long lasting

  • Dimensions


    Height: 92 cm / 37'' Width: 87 cm / 35'' Depth: 86 cm / 34''

  • Easy to move around

    Easy to move around

    Weight: 12 kg

  • Won't damage your floor

    Won't damage your floor

    Floor protectors included

  • Quick production time

    Quick production time

    Worldwide Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

Size comparison butterfly chairs

When it comes to butterfly chairs, size does matter. This leather butterfly chair is more than 30% percent larger than the average butterfly chair you will find. This implies

  • Superior Comfort

  • More Leather

  • More Steel

  • Better Stability

Top 0.1% Leather In The World

Listen up, my friends. We don't mess around when it comes to quality. Only the tippity-top of the leather crop is good enough for our products.

And let me tell you, we're not kidding around.

We're talking the finest 0.1% of all leather in the world. That's right, we said it. 99.9% of the leather out there just ain't up to our snuff. Sorry not sorry, rejected hides.

You see, we're not satisfied with just any old leather. No, no. We only use vegetable-tanned leather, which is a mere 5% of all leather in the world. And from that small pool, we select only the 4 mm leather. We're talking less than 20% of the already tiny 5% of leather available.

And it doesn't stop there. We're picky about the skins too. We're talking free from insect bites, scars, and anything else that could mess with the leather's pristine beauty. Out of 500 skins, we only choose 50.

That's right, we've got a 0.1% acceptance rate. Tough crowd, we know.

When we're done with our grueling selection process, we've rejected a whopping 99.9% of all the leather in the world. But boy oh boy, is that remaining 0.1% worth it. You'll feel like you're strolling through a scenic vineyard, surrounded by mountains and grapes.

And let's not forget, this leather is a by-product of meat production. So not only are you getting top-notch quality, but you're also helping to reduce waste. It's a win-win situation.

Girl sitting in butterfly chair drinking tea seen from above

Who Else Loves This Leather Butterfly Chair?

Here is a list of examples of people who have bought this leather butterfly chair:

  • Celebrities – Famous football players, Formula 1 drivers and musicians enjoy our chairs in their homes. We cannot mention their names out of respect for their privacy.

  • Architects & Interior Designers – Our chairs are used to decorate luxury hotels such as the Ice Hotel in Northern Sweden and the Arctic Treehouse in Finnish Lapland. Professionals love the superior quality and comfort of our chairs, as well as the great service we provide upon delivery. It’s also very easy to open trade accounts and place orders with us. Just go to the contact page and write to us.

  • Famous Bloggers – Our Pampa Mariposa butterfly chair is extremely photogenic. It doesn’t matter which angle you have or how the lighting conditions are, the pictures will always look great. Its wide “wings” also make you look more beautiful when you sit in it. That’s why many bloggers buy our chairs and use them frequently in their blog posts.

  • Gamers – If you enjoy playing console games, this is the ultimate console game chair. The comfortable lounging position it puts you in makes it possible for you to spend hours winning that game without feeling uncomfortable. And since it’s so beautiful, you won’t hear any complaints from any non-gaming family members.

Countless Uses

Our leather butterfly chair has been used to decorate the following examples:

  • Homes – Not only will you impress anyone who visits you, you will also become more productive and enjoy spending more time at home rather than spending money to escape your home.

  • Offices – Beautiful design will subconsciously impress your customers and your colleagues, helping you further your career and ultimately making more money.

  • Hotels – Guests love to take pictures of themselves sitting in this chair and posting them on social media. Many luxury hotels have had great free marketing just by having these chairs in the lobby or, even better, two in each room. It also increases guest satisfaction making your guests want to come back to your hotel time after time.

  • Art Galleries & Events – Some of the biggest car brands use our chairs to decorate their big customer events. It makes your party the most desirable place to be that evening.

  • Advertisement Campaigns – The chair works very well together with any product you want to sell. Use our chair together with your products and your marketing campaign will be a success!

  • Blogs & Magazines – You may have seen our chairs at the cover of prestigious magazines. This is because it fits well in any environment, be it modern, classic, minimalistic or rustic.

Lifetime Warranty on the Leather

We want your butterfly chair to last for a very long time. As the matter of fact, the leather butterfly chair has been made with special care for extra durability.

There are a few saddles that were made in the late 19th century that are still being used today. These saddles were made with the same type of leather and crafting techniques we use to make this BKF chair today.

If you treat it right, you should be able to pass it on to several generations after you. While we cannot speak for how you will take care of your chair, we can promise you this; We promise you that the leather will last for a lifetime if you treat it correctly and that the stitching will last for at least five years.

Whether you buy it from one of our retailers or directly here on our website, we will stay true to this promise. It holds up in addition to any warranty our retailers may offer. Contrary to what you may have experienced many times before, you will never feel abandoned by us. We are a small and niched company so we have to give you the very best service possible since we simply cannot afford to risk a bad reputation.

Try It For Yourself

In order to truly appreciate high quality, one must see it in real life. You are welcome to visit one of our retailers to try a leather butterfly chair for yourself. See the perfect imperfections of Italian leather. Feel the thickness of it. Smell the natural aroma from the vegetable tanning process. Experience the true meaning of the word Luxury.

Wherever you live in the world, we will send you a chair

If you do not live near one of our retailers, you are welcome to buy the chair from us and use our free return policy. Get the chair home, try it for a week and if it doesn’t convince you fully, you can always send it back and get a full refund.

This is valid anywhere in the world. You don’t have to worry about delivery as we have already sent chair to places you didn’t even know existed, such as small tropical island nations and countries with very strict import policies.

Please do note that you will be charged local import taxes by your government if you are located outside of the European Union.

What are you waiting for?

  • Leather butterfly chair with leather stool and leather lamps - chrome frames
  • Vegetable tanned leather bkf chair

Prefer a chrome metal frame?

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