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leather stool plants

Leather Stool

Welcome Offer - Limited time
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Valid until september 30

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Flying Goose Offer

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Discover the fantastic quality of CUERO.

We have built up a small stock of these stools that we are offering at a discounted price so that you can discover the fantastic quality of CUERO.

Our hope is that you will be so happy that you order something else from us in the future.

The offer is valid until we run out of stock or until the end of this month.

Perfect for tying your shoes

The leather stool is incredibly versatile. We have several of them at home. One of them is used for tying our shoes.

black leather bfk chair with matching footrest and leather lamps with gold accents

Use it as a footrest

Place it in front of your butterfly chair or your sofa to get the ultimate rest for your legs.

Use it as an extra dining chair

Did that extra guest make you run out of dining chairs? We've got your back. The leather stool is lightweight and easy to move around. You can easily place it by your dining table and use it as an extra dining chair.

leather stool cognac leonardo da vinci

Leonardo da Vinci used this type of leather

We buy the leather in Italy. It's made using the same traditional methods that were used at the time when Raphael and Michelangelo made their famous works of paintings.

We use it to make a special piece of art.

Your stool will become as old as those paintings if you treat it right.

The ideal leather stool

Designed to be easily carried around, this stool is ideal to have on hand. Stable and sturdy, the Flying Goose will be your best ally in any occasion.

With its compact design and weightlessness, you won't ever have to worry about it being a burden.

Its floor protectors won't damage your floors and insure stability when you sit on it.

The alliance of solid 12mm Swedish steel and Italian leather is the guarantee of an ever-lasting stool, no matter the use.

  • Height: 48cm (19")

    Height: 48cm (19")

  • Width: 47cm (18.5")

    Width: 47cm (18.5")

  • Depth: 48cm (19")

    Depth: 48cm (19")

  • Weight: 5.5kg

    Weight: 5.5kg

  • Tested up to 130kg (285lb)

    Tested up to 130kg (285lb)

hallway shoe rack coat rack and leather stool entrance

The homecoming you deserve

Your entrance is the first thing you see every day when you come home. Make it a great experience every time.

Also perfect to combine with the shoe rack and the coat racks.

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