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Cactus Oak - Liquidation

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oakwood chair at dining table in transitional style

She was surprised

So, I was minding my own business at a furniture fair in Paris when this woman approached me. 

She was waiting for her friend who was running late due to a train strike. 

Word to the wise, plan ahead when you're in Paris!
She checked out our wooden Cactus chair and said it looked cool but wasn't comfortable. 

When I asked why, she complained that it was made of wood and had no armrest. I said, "Hey, don't judge it until you try it!"
After sitting down, her expression went from sceptical to surprised in a snap. 

oakwood chairs around dining table wooden decor

Next thing you know, she was glued to the chair for over an hour! When her friend finally showed up, she was sold and ordered one for her home office.
Lesson learned? Don't judge a chair by its wood, and always have a comfy seat on hand when waiting for your friends in Paris!

And a few quick words about why the chair is so comfortable: 

The wood is curved into an ergonomic shape that gives you perfect support. 

You won't even notice that you are sitting on a hard material. In fact, I am sitting on this chair as I am writing this in my office. 

oakwood dining chair

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