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Outdoor Dining Chair

Every time someone sits in this chair for the first time, a look of pleasant surprise swiftly dances across their faces; a nonverbal homage to the chair's unanticipated comfort.

Stainless steel protects them from rust - No assembly required

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Outdoor Dining Chair

Cactus Outdoor

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Extraordinary homes require extraordinary chairs

Not a single expense has been spared when making these chairs. Stylish, unique, comfortable and tough. Keep reading to find out what makes these chairs so special.

Same steel is used in Nuclear power plants

Unbeatable strength & versatility! 304 Stainless Steel defies rust & conquers extremes!

Also used in aerospace, underwater equipment, medical & more! Resists harsh chemicals & endures underwater challenges.

Its strength, corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures makes it a suitable material for certain components and equipment used in space missions and satellites.

The pinnacle of reliability & innovation!

Special welding technique

TIG welding is known for its precision and versatility. It's used in aerospace, automotive, fabrication, and art, where high-quality, clean welds are paramount. The process allows for intricate and detailed welding, making it preferred for jobs that demand fine craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal. However, TIG welding requires more skill and time than other welding techniques due to its intricate nature.

Ergonomic shape ensures comfort

The stainless steel rods are lightly bent in the back to follow the shape of your back. In the front, they bend slightly downward so that your legs don't feel the edge of the chair.

We guarantee that you'll sit comfortably in them.

No assembly - No Maintenence

The chairs arrive fully welded, eager to be sat upon.

We select the finest steel to ensure the longest lifespan possible for your outdoor chairs. We want you to be able to enjoy your outdoor furniture without a worry in the world. Our stainless steel is made to resist all types of weather and remain beautiful.

The stainless steel chairs' elegant and comfortable design guarantees you the best of summers in your garden or terrace, with style.

Who could resist all this perfection?

  • Height: 90cm

    Height: 90cm

  • Depth: 50cm

    Depth: 50cm

  • Width: 67cm

    Width: 67cm

  • Weight: 14kg

    Weight: 14kg

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