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Selection: Shorn White

Sheepskin Stool

Color: Shorn White

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sheepskin stool in hallway

Sheepskin Stool

Iceland Flying Goose

icelandic sheepskin

Choose styleShorn White

Sheepskin Stool
sheepskin stool grey and white pine cone

The ultimate sheepskin stool

Introducing Cuero's sheepskin stool. The perfect combination of warmth, comfort, stability and weightlessness.

This sheepskin stool can easily be moved around to serve every purpose you need it to while staying elegant and sophisticated.

With its minimalistic design, this sheepskin stool will adapt itself perfectly to any interior design, and bring the whole room together.

fur butterfly chair with matching footrest fireplace

Use it as a footrest

The Flying Goose is the perfect height to serve as a footrest for your matching Sheepskin Butterfly Chair.

So sit back and enjoy the ultimate comfort of your full Cuero set while reading a book by the fireplace and sipping a hot cocoa form your favorite mug.

find your matching sheepskin butterfly chair

Just when you thought it couldn't get better

Here at Cuero, we trust our customers. This is why we are going to reveal to you the recipe for the perfect sheepskin tool: high-quality materials and an elegantly minimalistic design.

But that's not all there is to it. Some other key features of our sheepskin stools are the following:

  • 12mm solid Swedish steel

  • Genuine Icelandic sheepskin

  • Floor protectors

  • Ecologically tanned sheepskin

  • High wool density

  • Natural colour - no colouring agent

  • Height: 48cm

    Height: 48cm

  • Width: 47cm

    Width: 47cm

  • Depth: 48cm

    Depth: 48cm

  • Weight: 5.5kg

    Weight: 5.5kg

  • Tested up to 130kg

    Tested up to 130kg

free sheep lake mountains iceland

Genuine Sheepskin

The sheepskin used to make our stools comes from a rare and pure breed of Icelandic sheep.

These sheep are direct descendants of the sheep that were brought by the Vikings when they first arrived in Icelandover a thousand years ago.

Their wool has adapted to the Icelandic climate to keep them warm, which accounts for the incredible comfort and warmth of our sheepskin stool.

Due to its specific nature, this sheepskin is incredibly easy to take care of and remains flawless throughout the years. You can read our article and learn all about how to maintain the beauty of your sheepskin.

discover our sheepskin care article
love planet

Because you care about the planet

Congratulations, by buying this product, you are doing the planet a favour.

All the sheepskins we use are a by-product of the meat industry in Iceland.

Additionally, our sheepskins are ecologically tanned and no colouring agents are used. That way, no water and no soil are contaminated.

grey bfk fur chair with matching footrest

Do you prefer a chrome frame ?

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