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Selection: Natural White, 100% Egyptian Cotton (700g / sqm)

Bath Towel

CUERO towels are so incredibly soft that they will make all your other towels feel like sandpaper.

Your new favourite part of bathing will be to get out and wrap yourself in these glorious towels.

Preferred choice of multiple 5-star hotels.

Size: Bath Towel 70x140 cm (27.5'' x 55'')

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The finest Egyptian cotton

Each towel is made in Portugal by cotton masters with centuries of tradition.

Certified and triple inspected by our team in Spain before they are shipped to you.

Made in Portugal

What makes CUERO towels so special?

First of all, it takes an enormous amount of effort to create the very best towels you can wrap yourself in.

Each towel requires international coordination of the very best cotton farmers, towel masters and quality inspectors to produce.

Apart from that, Egyptian cotton is renowned for its superior qualities.

And we only select the very best Egyptian cotton for CUERO towels to guarantee all the benefits named below.

Long Fibers

Egyptian cotton is characterized by its long staple fibers, which produce threads that are finer and longer than regular cotton. This allows for a more luxurious, softer fabric that feels gentle against your skin.

High Absorbancy

The fibers in Egyptian cotton can absorb a lot of moisture, making these towels exceptionally good at drying off your body quickly and efficiently.

Better Durability

The strength of the long fibers also contributes to the durability of Egyptian cotton towels. They can withstand frequent washing and drying cycles without losing their integrity, which means they can last for many years with proper care.

Naturally breathable

Egyptian cotton towels are naturally breathable, which helps them to dry out more quickly and resist mildew, keeping them fresher between uses.


The weave of Egyptian cotton towels is typically more plush and dense, giving them a more luxurious and spa-like feel.

With each wash, Egyptian cotton towels tend to become even softer, enhancing the comfort and luxury of the user experience over time.

Low Linting & Pilling

Thanks to the long fibers, these towels do not pill or produce as much lint as towels made from shorter fibers. This means they maintain a smooth texture and won’t leave lint on your body after drying.

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