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The Icelandic Sheepskin from CUERO

This is stool is perfect for any situation. You can place it anywhere in your home. Next to your bed, as an extra dining chair or to decorate a corner. We have it in the entrance of our home to tie our shoes.

Welcome offer – 40% discount

Welcome offer - 40% discount

Icelandic Sheepskin Black

We want you to discover the amazing quality of CUERO. At this price, we don't make any money. We just hope that you will like our products so much that you choose to buy something else from us in the future.

Standard price: €150

Here: €90

You are looking at one of the finest sheepskin in the world

Few people have had the privilege of experiencing the soft and warm feel of a real Icelandic lambskin. The fact that you were drawn to this product means that you have an excellent eye for superior quality.

We carefully select only the very best Icelandic sheepskin. Compare it to the chairs in the images and you will note how much larger it is than any other sheepskin you have seen before.

A pure breed of the ancient Icelandic Sheep

Sheep on Iceland are direct descendants of the sheep that were brought when Vikings settled the island over a thousand years ago.

They are one of the oldest, purest and most beautiful breeds in the world. It’s strictly illegal to import sheep to the country to keep the breed genetically identical to its early ancestors.

To survive the cold Icelandic winters, the animals have developed a very special wool that will keep you warm, even during the coldest nights.

These sheepskins are a by product from meat production on Iceland. No animals are killed for the sake of the skins.

Greetings from Sweden

We are a small family business that creates decoration items that we'd like to have ourselves. Everything needs to be comfortable, beautiful and have high quality.

We hope that your grandchildren will one day come to our grandchildren when decorating their homes.

Warm yourself naturally this winter

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Here Is What People Who Own This Have To Say


I got my sheepskin from delivered to my home in Slovenia. The delivery was fast and the team was friendly. The sheepskin was unlike anything I have seen before.

Maja Novak


Have had this sheepskin for two years now and I love it! Keep it in my butterfly chair.

Sven Ohlson


Ever since visiting Iceland, I have wanted to have an Icelandic sheepskin. Now I have a beautiful one thanks to you guys.

Christina Williams United States

We Give You Our Word

Everyone at CUERO worked tirelessly to get you a product to be proud of. We want you to love and flaunt your stool to everyone who visits your home. But if by any offchance you are not very happy and satisfied with the product, we promise to give you 100% refund on your purchase. Though we promise you that would not be the case, so shop on without any doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it foldable?


No it's not, unfortunately. However, this has not been an issue for any of our customers so far. The stool is so lightweight and easy to move around the home that it's never really necessary to fold it. Unless you are planning to take it our for camping, in which case it's not really suitable.


Do I need to pay for return shipping if I don't like it?


No you don't! In the unlikely event that you don't like it, we will send you a label for the return shipment and give you a full refund.



Can I order more than one at this price?

Yes, you are welcome to do so!


How do I choose color?


You can select color at the checkout page.