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This is where we show our treasured, unique items that are unlike anything else in the world. 

We select paintings and items that we believe will give that little extra touch to your home.

There exists only one of each item listed below. If it’s sold, it’s gone forever.


Oil on canvas
By Niklas Kjerstadius


Height 61 cm

Width 50 cm

About the artist:

Niklas Kjerstadius realistically expresses feelings, dreams and situations in colourful, original art. 

Out of 10 paintings, Niklas discards 9. Only the pieces that are truest to the dreamy state of mind that the artist wants to capture are offered for sale.

Niklas was born in Argentina with a Swedish father and Argentinean mother. Most of his art is made in his apartment in Stockholm, Sweden.

To order or know more about this painting:

Send an email to nils@naturemeetsart.com

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