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Why Icelandic Sheepskin Are So Exclusive

Why Are Lambskins From Iceland So Expensive?

If you have ever been to Iceland, you have probably noticed two things (apart from the breathtaking scenery of course):

  1. It’s a far-away island
  2. The weather is extremely cold

These two factors don’t make it easy for people to get there, especially without modern engines.

Imagine trying to sail to Iceland as a Viking, 1000 years ago.

Think about the huge waves that are constantly smashing into the rocky shores. 

Strong and icy winds that make you stray from your course.

And to top it all off, you didn’t have a map nor a modern compass to help you make sure you’d actually get where you were heading.

For all you knew you may have been on a collision course with the Arctic Ice Cap!

With my poor navigation skills, I would most definitely drown before I’d ever manage to see the beautiful waterfalls and lava fields.

Iceland is so isolated that humans didn’t even see the island until the Vikings got there around the year 874.

And once they got there, they too were isolated from the rest of the world. 

I mean, if you have managed to row through hell to get to paradise, would you even consider trying to row back?! I sure as hell would not! 

No, if you managed to get there, you were pretty much stuck there for life. Or, actually, you were stuck there for generations!!!

And so were your sheep. Which leads us to the curious tale of the Icelandic sheepskin.

As we have ascertained, the weather in Iceland is COLD and HARSH.

Crops didn’t grow easily here by any means.

To be able to eat, Vikings made use of the great green plains of grass that are so abundant on the island.

They’d just let their sheep roam around in herds and then they’d slaughter them for food whenever necessary.

And these sheep not only saved the Vikings from starvation.

They also saved the settlers from freezing to death during the deadly winters!

Sure, you could bathe in the hot springs but you can’t stay in the spa all day. At some point, you need to get up and get something done.

So the best way for Vikings to stay warm was to make clothes of all the Icelandic Sheepskin that was leftover from the food production.

Now the interesting thing about these sheep is that they have developed a very special wool to survive the cold weather. 

Their hairs are extra long as you can see in this photo.

Icelandic Sheep

When tanned, the fur becomes extremely soft to touch and the long hairs give you a warm and wonderfully cozy feeling.

The sheepskin is very different from any other type of sheepskin because in their isolation, the Icelandic sheep have been kept from cross breeding with sheep from other parts of the world.

So much so in fact that the Icelandic Sheep is now considered one of the oldest and purest breeds in the world.

They are pretty much genetically identical to the sheep that the Vikings had.

Today it’s actually even illegal to import sheep to Iceland because the government wants to keep the breed pure.

Ecologically tanned Icelandic Sheepskin are still a byproduct from the meat production in Iceland, only today you don’t need it to survive a cold winter.

Instead, people all over the world are paying premium prices for these furs. They are considered luxury home accessories, cherished for their supreme beauty, impressive size and unique feel.

Since Iceland is a very small country, Icelandic Sheep are raised in very low volumes relatively to the demand. 

That’s why Icelandic Sheepskin are so exclusive and so expensive.

The government-owned “Icelandic Lambskin Marketing Board” controls the sale of Icelandic Lambskin and gives a certificate to the few companies that deal in authentic Icelandic Sheepskin.

We are fortunate enough to be one of them.

We carefully select only the most beautiful Icelandic Sheepskin. They are all at least 110 centimeters in length, making them more than 20% larger than average Icelandic Sheepskin.

If you are interested in acquiring an Icelandic sheepskin, you can do so from us at a special price.

We will send your sheepskin to you anywhere in the world.

Just fill in your details below and you will receive an email with a coupon code that you can use in our online store. 

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