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Selection: Polo

Leather Dining Chair

Color: Polo

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Modern leather dining chairs

Modern Leather Dining Chairs

Leather Cactus

dine in style

Which color?Polo

Leather Dining Chair
back of luxurious leather dining chair

Luxury dining chairs that stand out


coloured leather dining chairs

"We love sitting in these chairs."

"They are very comfortable and easy to move around. Comfortability and easy of use are really important when you have teenagers.  The chairs' design and function fit perfectly with our ski condo aesthetic."

Laura S. United States 🇺🇸

★★★★★ (verified buyer)

modern leather dining chair in dining room

You'll find the same leather in Italian sports cars

An Italian family with more than 100 years history in leather. They make leather for some of the most prestigious fashion brands, sofa manufacturers and the most luxurious Italian car manufacturers that you can think of.

They also have a wonderful relationship with our family and have taken the time to develop special versions of their leather for our needs.

modern leather dining chair in dining room with natural decor

Transformed by an award-winning design studio

We took our rough idea for a thee-legged leather dining chair to a design duo that have won the coveted Red Dot Award.

They reshaped the chair to make it beautiful and stable by widening the back leg.

Now the chair is very stable and beautiful to look at.

throwing chair from helicopter on a mountain

We tried throwing these chairs from a helicopter

Unfortunately they broke upon impact ...

But that doesn't make these chairs easily breakable.

After all, what can be dropped from 800 meters height and survive the crash?

No no, these chairs are made of special vegetable tanned leather that will last for hundreds of years if treated right.

In fact, the leather itself did survive the helicopter crash.

6 Modern leather dining chairs in luxury dining setting

Chosen by interior designers for its original design

We have almost been harassed by interior designers who have been wanting to order these chairs for several months when the model was under development.

A luxury, 5 star hotel in Greece has specified the chair to be placed in all the rooms.

Many of Europe’s leading luxury furniture shops are requesting chairs to be placed in their showrooms.

These are real luxury dining chairs that will last

  • Robust metal frame

  • 12mm thick solid steel – fully welded

  • Very thick, high quality wood. It is upholstered with a fantastically soft foam and the most beautiful Italian leather you can set your eyes upon.

  • To save fuel, we manufacture the frame both in Spain and Sweden. Depending on where you live, it will be shipped from the closest factory.

  • Height: 90cm (35.5″)

    Height: 90cm (35.5″)

  • Width: 50cm (20″)

    Width: 50cm (20″)

  • Depth: 67cm (26″)

    Depth: 67cm (26″)

  • Weight: 6.8kg (15lb)

    Weight: 6.8kg (15lb)

colored leather modern dining chairs
modern leather dining chair in dining room

Place these chairs in your dining room if you want to stand out from the crowd …

… without giving up on comfort and quality. 

There are many nice chairs out there.

Some are incredibly cheap, mostly due to the incredibly thin materials use. Don’t expect those chairs to last very long.

Others look nice but are not as comfortable to sit in.

And there are many fashionable chairs that follow the trend of the year. As soon as the trend is over, those chairs will look old and outdated, even if there’s nothing wrong with them.

modern leather dining chair in dining room with natural decor

The timeless yet modern leather dining chairs by CUERO will remain beautiful over time, no matter which trends come and go.

Thanks to an uncompromising investment in high quality materials that look great and keep looking great, this chair will always fit in your room.

nuances of brown dining leather chairs

Unique, beautiful, comfortable and very durable

Transform your dining room with these beautiful modern leather dining chairs.

With a unique design which is protected by Cuero, these chairs are unlike any other.

The ergonomic seat makes it very comfortable. With the additional foam and leather, you will gasp when you try it.

You’ll find yourself enjoying long lunches and dinner conversations with friends and family.

4mm thick italian leather

Breathtaking, vegetable tanned leather

Free from chrome and other poisonous heavy metals

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